Poker Rules rewritten by Benny Spindler – Greatest Poker Hands

Poker Rules rewritten by Benny Spindler – Greatest Poker Hands

James Hartigan: Well fans of wild and aggressive poker are going to love this hand. It’s from European Poker Tour London in 2010. In one corner big hitting Brit, Paul Foltyn but he’s facing the counter punches of the German raising machine, Benny Spindler.

James: Pocket 4s from Mathius Bergstrom and he’s raising, makes it 7,000 to play. So here’s Benny with king-jack off.

Joe: Contrary to what Benny might think, this isn’t a mandatory three bet or even a mandatory call to an early position raiser.

James: Did you really think he’d fold? Benny Spindler 3 bets. Joe: Story checks out. James: Now 20,000 to play and hello, Paul Foltyn is going to 4 bet with ace-6 off. Joe: Okay so I know I would be an advocate of re-raising Benny Spindler if you have any sort of hand, but A) Benny is not the only player in the hand, B) cold 4 betting with ace-6 is not a winning play overall and C) no, just no. James: So action back on Benny with Bergstrom giving up a pair of 4s.

Joe: Why Foltyn doesn’t look very comfortable does he? Oh wait, that could be just because he’s British. James: Now-now. Those are not calling chips.. Benny Spindler is going to 5 bet to 90,000! Joe: I guess either king-jack is too weak to call with and Benny wants to turn it into a bluff or we’re just seeing a good old fashion stack swinging context. James: Foltyn hasn’t auto-mucked.

Joe: He does have the best hand, gotta wonder if he knows it though. James: Oh my word it’s a 6 bet! Joe: There is some serious button clicking going on here. I am not even going to pretend like I know what these guys should or are going to do anymore, I’m out. James: Who will blink first?

Not Benny Spindler! It’s a 7 bet jam! Joe: Foltyn has now invested half his chips in this hand, gotta wonder if he’s regretting it now. James: Oh my word, this is the sickest hand ever!

Benny Spindler shows the king-jack at the end, as he rakes in that pot. Joe: James, Foltyn cold 4 bet, then 6 bet, then folded, it’s absurd. Ten years ago the 3 bet was aces, now the 7th bet is 10-jack off, I need a cocktail.

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James Oliver