Poker Games : How to Play 4-Card Poker

Poker Games : How to Play 4-Card Poker

Have you ever heard of the card game called Four Four Hand poker? Hi, my name is Dean Hale, professional poker player, and today I’m going to teach you how to play this game. The game is very similar to Three Card poker as it is dealt with a fifty-two card deck and you play on a table that is similar to a Blackjack table.

It is an ante game where you play against just the dealer. You’re not playing against the other players. The way this game is played is you will have three circles. You will have your aces up circle, you will have your ante circle, and then you’ll have your another circle for either one times thee ante, or three times thee ante. Now, even though it’s called Four Card poker, you are actually dealt five cards.

The dealer is dealt six cards. The idea is to take your best four cards to have the best hand you can have possible. The card rankings for Four Card poker are similar to a regular game of poker with five cards, except you only have four cards. So you still have your pairs, you have your high card, obviously, aces, you have your pairs, your three of a kind, your, you would have a straight would actually be four cards in any sequence uh of of of different suits. To have a a flush, you would actually have four cards just being of the same suit.

To have a straight flush, you would actually have four cards, in sequence of the same suit. And unlike Caribbean Stud and Three Card poker, the dealer, and Four Card, Four Hand poker, does not have to qualify their hand. After you make your ante wager you get your your five cards.

You look at them. Then you decide if those cards you think are good enough to continue playing. If they are, you can either bet one time, what your ante is, or you can go three times.

You never really want to go two times ’cause you want to take advantage of having good cards and maximize your bet. After you make your bet of three cards, and every all thee other action on the table is done, you just simply turn over your cards and you will compare them to to the dealer to see who has the better hand. If you have the better hand, you win. That’s the basics of playing Four Hand poker. Good luck at the table.

James Oliver