Hey Guys! oke, hello ladies en gentleman and welcome to a brand new video¬†–¬†jackpotcity nz review! Today i am with the only one and only Tom! Below the screen Do you see? where exchange It was not the plan but Tom propose that and think its not ok, so this was the only time and last time 1 euro spin?

noo 5 euros ok. noooooo just kidding 1 euro, could you fix the balance in the screen? 1 euro bet, let’s go! If it’s a slow slotgame I dont want to play it long We thought we had something….. I dont want to play it anymore…

I got a feeling that we dont win any money on this slot… That one!!! (ok, ok) How many throfees do we need? (3) (jesuss) I thougt one throfee is alright Yeah that right they only appear in the middle 3 wheels. I am happy!

He is also teasing like montezumaa….. (bitch) How long do we play? Refereee!!! Stop it! allright… gvd oke fack that guns and roses?

All the time we had two…… just do it do it do it Refereee!! I’m done with you now Now its goint to fall two again and again…… if we add up how many times we got two (unbelievable) man man man What the hell?? Secret of stones!!

or do you want something different? I was thinking about tomb raider…… but this is also ok It’s sad to see where in the 100 euros again….. I want to get back at the good times I quit! Me to My aunt that I haven’t seen in about 20 years gives me more Its unbelievable (no scatter like an our of playing!!!!!

You could make a compilation how many times that fucking happend. Come on ref!!! 3 times…… just do itttttt Just give us a scatter man….. Shall we do 2 euros per bet? until 150 and if we don’t win anything we go home This could be the moment….. gvdddd Buzz lightyeaar! Come on! JUST DO IT!!!

We want wilds niceeee I am getting angry i we dont win (yeah me to) 237 euros!!!! hahahaha still 6 spins to go 330!! 2 euro spin Wher perfectly timed to raise up we waited long for it.. i dont think we can complain now haha check below haha look at the cash shall we make 600?

You can dot it on jackpotcity nz casino!! It was terrible until we finally got the bonus We where almost crying out loud I want to thank you for watching! See you next week!

James Oliver