Jackpotcity NZ Review

Jackpotcity NZ Review

So we’re at the booth of jackpotcity nz┬áhere at ICE 2018 with Todd Haushalter. So Todd what do you do exactly at jackpotcity nz? So, I have the best job in the world. I’m the chief product officer here at jackpotcity nz review.

What does that mean? It means I get to make games all day long. It’s a ball.

Can’t really think of anything better than that to be honest, it’s a hard one. It’s a lot of fun, you just sit around and say what would be more fun for players? And then you get to bring it to life. So let’s talk about the elephant in the room or, let’s say the screen with the roulette game in the room.

You know there’s a lot of buzz about this game. Yeah, there is. It’s shocking how many people are talking about it, what’s the deal? Well, so it’s called ‘Lightning Roulette‘ and the game of roulette really hasn’t evolved that much in the last thousand years or so, and so you know we did this game called ‘Dream Catcher’ and it was a smash and in that game there’s a chance to have these multipliers that magnify your winnings and if you go on YouTube there’s like millions of views of people posting videos of that and we said, what if we could do a game where there’s multipliers on every single round? So, in ‘Lightening Roulette’, what we do is real simple.

Every round of our jackpotcity nz review, we take between one and five numbers, we strike them with lightning and then they pay between 50 and 500 to 1. Let me say that again 50 to 500 to 1 every single round, numbers are struck by lightning, if the ball lands, you win. So, the studio itself is the most beautiful studio we’ve ever done, this is reflecting where players are betting right now, the more the numbers shake, the more people are betting on that number, so you can see what other players are doing, all right? When the bets close, you’ll see the lightning form and then it’s going to strike. He pulls the lever and that starts the action. I see, so it seems like you added like a layer of competitiveness, you know a subtle a of competitiveness, where you’re seeing like what other people are doing so you have kind of reactions based on that.

We have, in other games what we’re seeing is you know it’s a social world out there and I’m not suggesting that gambling is going social, but having a sense of what other players are doing, I think brings a certain level of trust to the network and it brings a certain level of fun and so when you can kind of see that other people are betting on a number, maybe you didn’t bet on it but when you see that other people did and they won it gives you faith that at least there’s someone winning and that’s a good squaring on these games, so, so yeah! So, we’re trying to make everything more like an ecosystem where everybody kind of has a sense of what everybody else is doing. With the chance for huge payouts! Okay, I see so, what are you watching right now, is this actually happening?

Is this live? Yeah, this is not a movie, this is live right now so you can place bets after reading this jackpotcity nz review, you can look at number history, you can see everything just like on all of our games. All the bets pay normal, you can see the lightning striking what numbers it’s going to hit; 2, 5, 24 and 27. 27 is going to pay 400 times your bet.

So you can see why players are gonna fall in love with this real quickly. It’s gonna be a powerhouse game and everybody we’ve shown it to like, like you, suggested you know, it’s the talk of the show right now and, and I don’t think that’s gonna change, so right now the next step for us is to get it into the hands of our operators, then they’ll get it out in front of the players and then it’s on to them. So, coming soon to online casinos near you guys and watch for it!

James Oliver